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Subject: Educating Kelly (lesbian incest, f/F)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit
sexual acts of incest between a girl and her aunt. If this type of
content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to
re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for
permission.Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have suggestions for
future stories.
Educating Kelly
Jan Kelly's aunt lived near Middletown, Ohio. Her mother
dropped the child off hot young boys to visit with her sister when she had to drive
past the area on their way from Dayton to Cincinnati. Her home was
near some hills and called by the locals Slippery-Ville. Kelly was just
nine years old at the time. She was all of 4' 6" and all of 78 pounds
soaking wet. Her hair was kept short and close to her head. boys erect young
hair was the only thing that gave away that hot young boys she was a mulatto. That
was the rub her mother had a relationship with a white man that she
was young black sexy the product of. As understanding as the family was it did have
some problems all of their own. Even saying that, she was a typical
girl her age, like most pre teen boys and girls her figure looked
pretty much the same as everyone else's. Kelly knew her aunt Toyna from family get-togethers and had
enjoyed her company. She was medium height for a woman but her
figure was rather rotund. She was say 5'4" tall and at least 215
pounds. She had long curly black hair and green young upskirt porn eyes. She was
black like all of their family. When her aunt laughed her smile and
teeth lit up the room. Kelly liked her from the first time she met her.
She looked forward to spending a couple of week at her home. The house was four miles from the young lesbian teen paved road. It was set
among pine trees and there was even a swing hanging from a tree in
the front yard. There was hot young boys a pond in the back yard that was a great
place to escape blonde young tube
the afternoon heat. It was a warm humid summer and her aunt did not have air
conditioning or ceiling fans in her home, so the two of them didn't
bother putting on very much clothing. Toyna was very self-conscious
about her size and feared that her body odor would offend, so she
would bath a couple of times a day and use bath oils and perfume
liberally. If anything she smelled too sweet. Toyna was not modest
at all. She never wore a bra and her breasts sagged in her simple
house-dress that was rather very youngporn teen thin from so many washings. Kelly
could see her areolas through her dress and they were at least as
large as the bottom of a two liter bottle. The dark triangle visible
through the dress made Kelly suspect that she didn't wear panties
either. When it was bedtime Toyna also wore very erotic nightgowns
that hid nothing from the eyes of her young niece. Kelly was able to
verify that her vulva was covered with thick back pubic hair and she
had equally hairy underarms. Her breasts had to be at least double
F-size. When Kelly saw her naked she saw all of the stretch marks
on her breasts, tummy and thighs. When she raised her arms they
were quite flabby. For the first few days Toyna was the proper host. She did
nothing to flaunt her naked body and Kelly slept in the second
bedroom. It was a small house with the bedrooms upstairs and only
one bathroom on the ground floor. The ground floor had a living-
room, dinning-room, small kitchen and that single bathroom. The
door to that room was hardly ever closed. Modesty was young teeny pics the first casualty of living with Aunt Toyna. Kelly
quickly learned to accept her aunt's lack of it. The heat also had her
willing to run around with a minimum of clothes. It was natural that
they skinny dipped in the pond, after all there was no one around to
see them splashing around. As Kelly became more comfortable with Toyna's nudity both
of them were more willing to parade around naked. Eventually
Toyna top young sex invited Kelly to sleep in her bed. She assured her that the
front bedroom was cooler at night. Soon they started sleeping in the
nude, they even started showering together. Toyna would sponge
her and wash her body. It was not long before Toyna was even doing
her housework in the nude. She even cooked while naked which
caused some problems when she fried food. Hot grease splatters on
ones tits can really smart. Kelly was allowed to use the swing while
naked too. One day while Kelly was outdoors swinging she thought she
heard moaning coming from the house. very youngporn teen She could tell it was
coming from her bedroom. At first she feared that something was
wrong and she bolted for the front of the house and up the stairs in
no time. When she almost reached the top she looked towards the
master bedroom. The door was open and Aunt Toyna on lying on top
of the bed and she was masturbating herself with her fingers while
smelling a pair of Kelly's soiled panties. Kelly's first reaction was
shock and embarrassment that she had seen her aunt doing things
to herself that she had been told she shouldn't young teenagers nudists do because it was
wrong. Then Toyna happened to look in her direction and see her she
simply motioned for her to come n beautiful young naked in. Kelly slowly finished climbing
the stairs and walked into the bedroom and sat on the side of the
bed next to Toyna. Kelly questioned her about why she was doing that. "When
mom saw me touching myself she got mad and told me it was
nasty." "This is something women do to feel good." Toyna told her. "It
isn't nasty at all. Would you like me to teach you how women satisfy
themselves?" Kelly shook her head positively. Toyna pulled her up closer to
her and took hold of Kelly's wrist and placed her hand between her
legs. She put her hand right on her wet pubic hair and started
moving it up and down on her vulva. Then she put her own hand
between Kelly's legs right on her hairless vulva and put her middle
finger right on her little clit and started rubbing her cunt. It did feel
good and Kelly rubbed her aunt's pussy just as hard as her aunt was
rubbing hers. After a short time Toyna leaned over and put her mouth right
on Kelly's little pre blossom nipples and started licking and sucking
on her flesh while she continued rubbing her vulva. They did that for
a long time and Kelly was feeling dizzy because she had never felt
anything like that before. They spent the rest of the day stimulating
each other. They would wake up in the morning kiss each other,
shower and make breakfast and return to bed and masturbated
each other most of the day. They would adjourn to the pool during
the heat of the day where they would continue masturbating each
other. It was only a couple of days before Toyna introduced Kelly to
oral sex. One morning Toyna rolled over and kissed Kelly on the mouth
to wake her up. When she returned the kiss she smiled at her and
simply licked and kissed her way down Kelly's body to her little
nipples and then almost tickled Kelly too much when she licked her
belly button. Kelly knew where she was headed and even lifted her
legs up and spread them as her aunt placed her mouth right over
her little vulva. She drove the girl wild and lifted her legs up forcing
Kelly to curl up as her aunt placed her knees right by her ears. In
that position her aunt was able to lick her pussy and asshole at will. After breakfast it was Kelly's turn to perform oral sex on her
aunt. She learned to suck her hairy pussy. She began naked young art to love
matting down her hair and parting her labia. Toyna had a large
clitoris in proportion to her body. When Kelly brought her to a climax
by sucking on her clitoris Toyna clamped her head between her fat
legs capturing her head and almost smothering her for a short time. After Toyna recovered she turned over and got on her knees
with her head resting on a pillow she had wrapped her arms around.
Kelly was looking at her aunt's big butt. She saw her gaping pussy
and she also saw that her asshole was ringed by black hair. She
didn't think she could put her mouth on the brown hole but she
closed her eyes and licked it anyway. After the first lick she could
not believe that she liked it and it caused her to have a tingling
between her own legs. At Toyna's request she pushed her whole
hand up inside her aunt's cunt as she sucked and tongue her ass
hole. After she made Toyna cum again she begged her aunt to
make her cum too. Toyna had just the thing to bring her niece off
with. Toyna used a dildo that was about the size of a little boy's
penis. It was a battery powered vibrator and when it touched Kelly's
clit the girl climaxed for the first time in her life. It left her faint for a
long time. When the two young teenagers nudists weeks were over Toyna could not give her a toy
because her mother might find it but she assured her that anytime
they were together she would have plenty of toys. Kelly wanted to
stay with her aunt but she had to go home to get ready for the next
year of school. The two weeks at her aunt's home was an education
that would lead her to many adventures with other girls and women.
I hope you young nn art enjoyed the story and have a story you would like told
please send your mail to
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